What we do?

MKT55 is more than an SEO company! We work with the creation of logos and the entire visual identity of your brand. Behind the design, there is a strategy designed by us, based on your company values. Colors, symbols and fonts are always used to reach your persona.

benefits mkt55

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We understand your needs

We analyze the market to create the visual identity that takes your company where it wants to go!

We understand your market

We are part of the IT and cloud services market and we have lots of customers in the segment served.

We are experts in marketing and digital presence!

All our actions involve increasing digital presence, including working with branding!

how does it work?

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virtual meeting

As the visual identity involves a strategy, we need to understand the company's history, mission, vision, values and principles.



meeting with all digital marketing areas

From there, we create the persona you want to reach - your default target audience will be represented at this stage.


Visual identity


Finally, we design your logo and create your full visual identity, such as email signature and stationery materials, such as envelopes and requested forms.



availability after deployment fase

After your approval, we deliver the materials with a user manual, which will guide your marketing team on their daily routine.

our competitive advantage

agility and commitment

In addition to being specialized in digital marketing, we live and breathe information technology.

We have extensive knowledge on the AWS, Microsoft and Google cloud system - from market guidelines to the use of brand visual identity. Our customers may also use Amazon's APN Marketing Central to manage email marketing and leads free of charge.

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