Digital marketing to IT companies

We specialize in promoting AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud services

MKT55 is a digital marketing and SEO agency specialized in serving IT companies and resellers of Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft cloud computing services.

We understand that small and medium-sized companies in the segment cannot afford to hire North American digital marketing companies, as recommended by AWS. We are here to propose solutions!

We are an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and have the required know-how to work on your company's marketing because we come from IT. We are specialists in the Cloud market and, by knowing it in detail, we can work on its promotion in an educational and efficient way.



Our purpose is to facilitate the promotion of IT and AWS, Google and Microsoft cloud companies.


To be recognized as the best digital marketing and SEO agency specialized in IT.


• Honesty: transparency for you at all times;
• Aptitude: we only perform services that we know in detail;
• Human capital: appreciation for people, our thinking workforce is our competitive advantage.

How MKT55 was born

Ana Helena PH de Bittencourt, an engineer specialized in technology – as well as trained in digital marketing – idealized MKT55 when she noticed the gap in the Brazilian market to serve IT companies and resellers specialized in the cloud.

In IT since 2003, she has served large corporations such as HP, Bayer and Genesys. In 2016, she specialized in digital marketing and became a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manager for several projects simultaneously and virtual manager for AWS cloud partners. The demand for services requested by AWS partners grew exponentially.

Ana started providing support on the use of the APN Marketing Central tool, which helped customers to work on social media content, email marketing, creating campaigns and managing leads. As she was integrated in the cloud world, Ana was able to understand the most efficient strategies in the segment, consistently managing to lower the unit cost of each action.

As a result, she began to provide partners with tangible advantages, such as better segmentation and reach, speed in results and comprehensive campaign indicators.

Unity makes strength!

The customer portfolio had been assembled and was growing. It was necessary to establish a high-performance team. With the help of her husband Wagner Gonçalves, executive at the Santos Port, they look for expertise in a digital marketing team with digital marketing specialists with over 10 years of experience and his team.

MKT55, an innovative digital marketing company, was founded!

Different life stories united for a single purpose

Our team includes different professionals, each with their specialties and experiences. Strategic executive, project manager and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner professionals.

We believe that digital marketing actions only have results when applied with a synergistic effect.

Why MKT 55?

We know what we’re doing

For almost 10 years, we have been involved in IT and Cloud Services, customer service and digital marketing. As we know both sides, we are able to deliver concrete results for the segment.

Transparency for you

After analyzing your needs, we will recommend the ideal service package for your company. And you can rest assured: we don’t push services randomly. With MKT55, you will have exactly what you need to grow and attract more customers.

Long-term sustainable thinking

Our goal is to increase our customers’ organic online presence. This means that we build your digital presence with long-term strategies, so you don’t have to pay per click or reach. We make your brand truly relevant not just for search engines, but for your customers as well.

We make it happen

We work with key services related to digital marketing and SEO, such as creating and optimizing websites, managing social media and ads, paid advertising and remarketing strategies, visual identity, branding, capturing and managing leads and much more. Learn more about our services.



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